Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews

telescoping ladderIt is not that simple searching for the top telescoping ladder, as there is not enough reliable information available.

Like you, we understand how essential it is to get the best telescopic ladder for safety and functionality reasons. There are many ladders yes. However, how do you locate the correct one?

We have spent considerable time using collapsible ladders. Therefore, we decided to write this review and buyer guide.

Listed below are the top five best telescoping ladders out there. We have also included a few info about telescopic ladders in common. As you will know they have a lot to offer compared to traditional ladders.

Table of The Best Telescoping Ladders

Our Top 5 Pick For Best Telescoping Ladders

We created a quick list of five best telescoping ladder reviews. Let us check out our short review and best pick of each best ladder which we picked for you.

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Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Ladder, 250-Pound, 15.5-Foot

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping LadderFor step-up pick, we selected the Xtend & Climb 785P Professional-Series Aluminum Ladder designed for expert usage. It has been certified and rated by ANSI and OSHA standards as well as is a retractable ladder that has a completely extended 15.5 feet height.

This model has a comfortable carry handle as well as you can quickly extend or lock with the foot. For security reasons, a heavy-duty closure strap provided. What is more, the alloy aluminum is aerospace designed. Therefore, there is no doubt of product quality. Another excellent function of it is that it includes an ergonomic and convenient thumb release function and the closure feature does not need pinching.

A ladder made of durable aluminum alloy 6061, the aluminum Professional-Series Xtend & Climb ladder has one-foot increments. It is excellent for use on DIY work or contractual work too. When completely extended, has a 36 1/2-inches height when folded. Therefore, it is simple to keep.

Furthermore, this ladder has a simple adjust function with the foot. It comes with an anodized Clean-Touch finish for durability as well as features nonslip end caps for safety and protection. Moreover, you can conveniently keep it in your garage or truck. All you want to do is to close and open each rung quickly.

In general, it excels in security with regards to telescopic ladders safety. Do understand that its ANSI duty-rating is a “Type I” with a 250 pounds weight limit. It backed by a six-month manufacturer warranty for parts and repair.


  • Easy to retract.
  • Lightweight to move around.
  • The steps feel stable and are comfortable.
  • Folds easily for storage.
  • The release and lock system ergonomically created.


  • One customer said the latches broke quickly.
  • Another one complained it was difficult to extend.

Key Specifications of This Model:

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Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 300-Pound, 22-Foot

Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-LadderIn case, you need a different collapsible ladder in that case you can choose the 300-Pound Duty-Rating Werner MT-22 Multi-Ladder that has a 22 feet height. This ladder graded for a 300 lbs duty rating. The ladder style makes it one of a kind.

This telescoping step ladder extent at the height of five to nine feet as the extension ladder extent at an 11 to 19 feet height. Also, you receive 28 different working heights once you change this ladder system into an extension ladder, two-person step ladder or a scaffold. What is more, the height of stair is from five to nine feet, and the height of scaffold is around one to four feet. You can also read the Little Giant ladder review by clicking here. They are the highest-rated multi-ladders on the market.

You can have your work completed easier and faster with its push knobs soft-touch for usage. For security reasons, the double-riveted nonslip steps enable you to feel relaxed while climbing onto this professional-grade ladder. The style also lets you for various working angles because the ladder scales 10.8 cubic ft per unit. Also, its non-marring feet increase the ladders stability while the balance increase because of the additional wide flared base design.

Moreover, there are quick height adjustments which add to the ladders flexibility. In general, the MT-22 Multi-Ladder’s sturdy build makes it quite reliable. It is also backed by a handy lifetime manufacturer warranty for defects and workmanship and has an instruction guide for user convenience.


  • Durable and well-designed.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Could be set up in various positions.
  • Easy to configure the height of ladder.
  • Push knobs are responsive.


  • It does not come with extra hinges.
  • One user complained it is heavy.

Key Specifications of This Model:

Werner MT Multi-Purpose Ladder – Features & Benefits

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Ollieroo EN131 Aluminum Extension Ladder, 330-Pound, 12-Foot

Ollieroo EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension LadderOur third best telescoping ladder pick is the 16.5ft EN131 Extension Telescopic Ladder by Ollieroo that has a 330 lbs capacity. It has a non-slide ribbing for security purposes as well as is perfect for office buildings, exterior and interior designs, general and painting maintenance, and home use. The aluminum is durable but compact. With regards to safety, it features a spring loaded lock system, and it complements to the EN131 standards of safety.

This best ladder scales 16.5 feet, as well as this A-type telescopic ladder, comes with a one-foot increment for its flexibility. Also, if folded, the ladders size is “37 by 19 by 6.7” inches. It has 16 steps (eight by two), and this model is a four-way combination. Furthermore, the thumb switches have a sleek clicking system while the model itself spans uniquely.

You do not have to bother about rust because of the aluminum alloy anodized. Also, multiple neighboring steps feature a steady lock key. Therefore, bumping and friction prevented. In general, the ladder’s weight is about 38 pounds while the overall length of your A-shape is (99 + 99 inches) to be exact.

Moreover, with the Ollieroo EN131 Extension model, all you have to carry out is to push a couple of buttons on each rung as well as smoothly close by every step while folding. It also includes a user’s guide when you buy. Lastly, it is excellent for camping usage.


  • Incremental height adjustments make it simple for operation.
  • Flexible for industrial and commercial applications and home usage.
  • It has 330-pound load capacity among the finest of its kind.
  • It has anti-rust properties.
  • Steps are stable and wide.


  • One user reported it is not as steady as he expects.
  • A customer complained it feels light when set up at max height.

Key Specifications of This Model:

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Generic Telescoping Loft Ladder, 330-Pound, 12.5-Foot

collapsible ladderIf you need a collapsible ladder that includes a carry case or bag, opt for the 12.5 Foot Extension Telescoping Ladder by Generic. This ladder system extent at a 12.5 feet height as well as it complements to the EN131 and ANSI standards. It designed from durable aluminum.

With regards to weight, it is super quick to move at a weight of just 27 lbs. When it comes to measurements, the ladder’s width is 18-inches on the base end as well as 17-inches on the top part.

For the maximum weight duty, this model graded for the weight of 200 pounds. It is an excellent system for small users and people with small frames.

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Xtend & Climb 770P Telescopic Ladder, 225-Pound, 12.5-Foot

Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping LadderExcellent for home usage, our budget choice is the Home Series Xtend&Climb 770P telescopic ladder designed from durable aluminum which is not just rust-free. However, lightweight and durable. Like our previous two options, it also includes end caps (nonslip) for security.

Easily extend and lock with the foot using this ladder system. As for the safety, it has been graded by OSHA and ANSI as a “Type II” ladder. With that said, the carry handle enables you to take it to different places. It is quickly retractable as well as it scales 12.5 feet if fully spanned.

Another point – it has a no-pinch closure mechanism for a handy ladder using feel and features a heavy-duty closure strap. It is designed from alloy aluminum 6061 material. It is duty-rating is around 225 pounds. Moving the equipment is a piece of cake since it is compact at just 26 pounds.

It is highly recommended for works around your house, regardless if you are outdoors or indoors. You are guaranteed that all its rungs are secure to prevent accidents and hold body weight. What is more, the anodized touch makes it smooth in its style and last more.

This cost-effective collapsible ladder is easily foldable. Therefore, you can keep it in your favorite place. It is ideal for doing simple projects such as changing LED tube lights and so on. It has a 32-inches height when folded as well as is coated in a vibrant gray and yellow. At the moment, it comes with a six months warranty for repair and parts.

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With regards to the other ladders which we did not review this article, they were somewhat questionable regarding durability, safety, and reliability, that are highly crucial in any ladder.

Our Top 2 Recommended Telescopic Ladder Models

Our top recommendations are the Xtend & Climb 785P and the Werner MT-22 Multi-Ladder.

The Xtend & Climb Professional-Series retracts quickly and is portable. Therefore, you can store it aside after every use. It is versatile enough and solidly built for commercial and home use. The MT-22 model is an excellent telescoping multi-ladder. As numerous reviewers have said, you can employ this model for the industrial and home applications.

Both ladders are good enough and top notch for expert use. We cannot recommend these enough since they are very productive.

Our Selection Criteria

We picked the top telescoping ladders using the various factors that we explained below:

  • Safety first – telescopic ladders with rubberized ribbings for particularly anti-slippage is an essential. The top priority to consider in any ladder system is the security criteria. Rubber ribbings allow each step secure against slipping. Therefore, you can keep your feet on extra tight with less bother about slipping or falling in common. After a while, ladders are dangerous to suppose you do not realize what you are up to or assume you are in a stressful and panicky situation or a hurry.
  • A ladder with an excellent listing or certification is very much suggested. In case, you notice that a model has some international certification like the EN131, ANSI, or OSHA, you ought to grab the chance. However, ensure that it is accurate for your ladder. Being listed is certainly a bonus and it guarantees that it complies with the standard safety standards of home setting or any workplace. Also, a few of these licensed bodies also assign the duty rating of the model by its classification and type.
  • The aluminum alloy material or related material of the ladder ought to be durable. However, not add much to overall weight as well as keep it simple to carry around. Ladders always will be heavy and bulky as they are meant to hold weight and maintain you safe and steady. However, at least, you ought to buy a ladder which you understand you can face less time to have difficulties.
  • Understand the duty rating of your best telescoping ladder model. The majority range between 200 to 300 pounds on their duty-rating based on its classification rating, size, and type. It is crucial that you realize the weight capacity of the ladder. Therefore, you can get into fewer troubles in the long-term. It is essential to understand so you could purchase a ladder which had increased duty-rating when you required because not everybody has the same weight.
  • It should be quick to store, retract, and fold because of its folded dimensions and convenient mechanism. The reasons you need to get a telescoping model is that you require something which does not demand plenty of area for storage. Also, some models have a unique system which makes retracting and extending easier and smoother. You ought to gently extend or retract the equipment, if ever. Therefore, it will not get into issues since normally, these retracting and folding mechanisms can break if misused or abused.
  • You should take into account the ladder’s height concerning its duty rating. The perfect ladder height, when spanned, is approximately 30 to 40-inches or so, While it is spanned height varies from 14-18 feet. Even in the case, you got a super high equipment; it is waste suppose your ladder is unreliable, flimsy, and unsafe. Added height certainly matters, no doubt about it. Nevertheless, it ought to be combined with more safety functions. As a best practice, the longer the ladder system, the increased ground balance it must include – it is a fundamental concept of physics.
  • The lock system should be reliable. If you retract the product, it is locked with a system to keep the ladder in position and its place firmly. To achieve this, you require a reliable lock mechanism which will avoid the retractable model from retracting accidentally, which can end up in random accidents.

Telescoping Ladders Buying Guide

telescopic ladderLadders are everywhere in almost any profession, occasion, or field. Whether it is replacing tube lights, painting job, cleaning up windows, fixing ceilings, roof repairs, electrical installations, and so on, you will indeed require a sturdy and safe ladder. They assist and help any user who is in need of assistance and also reliable with regards to rescue scenarios. For practical use, regardless if you are at work or home, you will obviously require a telescopic ladder to do a challenging project. They offer you increased height to get into almost impossible places.

The top priority for a piece of equipment is the security criteria. Many home-related and work-related accidents occur annually, and many of them are due to the weak, faulty, and unsafe ladders. As a result, it is an essential to buy a durable ladder which is not heavy. However, durable enough to carry the majority of weights. Even in the case, a ladder is effortless to move around, suppose it is flimsy in that case it is not deserve using due to the potentially fatal problems it can create. Falling off a high height is not a joke and injuries can set you back more than purchasing a safe and efficient ladder.

Usually, aluminum material ladders currently feature a folding system to enable you to keep them correctly. In the past, the only things we can have are the standard metal ladders and wooden ladders which are heavy to move around. Even suppose they are durable based on the wooden material. However, currently, there are lots of choices for a home use or industrial ladder which is retractable or foldable. They offer more storage space and does not require too much room in the future. One such product is the collapsible (telescoping) ladder.

Telescoping mechanics are retractable similar to conventional telescopes with regards to their folding system, enabling it to be effortlessly extended and stored. It works a lot like how exactly a telescope extends and retracts and this system lets a long aluminum material ladder to be retracted properly and stored inside your truck, garage, or other available storage areas.

Why Need a Telescopic Ladder?

The top telescoping model can do lots of different works for the owner of a house. Listed below are its common uses.

Advantages of the Collapsible Ladder

  • Safety: Telescopic ladders are secure to work. They are built from sturdy materials as well as have a duty rating reaching more than hundred pounds. These also feature a safety locking when you modify the height.
  • Flexibility: The capability to adjust the height of ladder is what makes them unique from the competition.
  • Ease of Storage: These models are foldable. Once you are finished using it, just retract to keep. This way your ladder does not take up much room.
  • Compact: A few of the top ladders are portable. Most weigh a maximum of 25 pounds. Therefore, you can move it effortlessly.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Extension ladder

Purchasing a ladder system is simple. However, if you need the top telescoping ladders, you have got to think about many factors other than how tall it reaches.

Material: Search for ladders designed from wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. Other ladder types are made out of composite materials. However, check first suppose they are of high-quality.

  • Aluminum ladders are portable, non-corrosive, and light. Nevertheless, you cannot employ them near power lines or electrical wiring.
  • Wooden ladders are secure to use near power lines in the case; they do not include metal fasteners. Nevertheless, they are heavier compared to aluminum as well as expensive.
  • Fiberglass material ladders are dependable, sturdy, and non-corrosive. However, they are not as commonplace like aluminum material ladders.

Duty-Rating: They have different weight measures. Listed below is a basic guideline:

  • 200 pounds – For household work and light individuals.
  • 225 lbs – It can be employed for the heavy-duty home project. It is also perfect for carpenters and commercial painters.
  • 250 pounds – These kinds of ladders are ideal for industrial and business applications.
  • 300 lbs – It is for expert high-impact use.

Remember these are only for standard guidelines. There is nothing to avoid you from having a 300-pound ladder at the house.

Extra Functions: Look for additional features such as rungs and robust base which are slip-resistant. You will also need ladders which are quick to modify. Safety features such as a locking mechanism are important too.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Place the ladder simply on a flat floor. The uneven ground may cause it to fall over.
  2. Check the ladder regularly. Pay particular focus on the knobs or safety locks and ensure they are completely functional.
  3. It should just be used if they are dry.
  4. Do not use it beyond its duty rating. It is likely to create damage as well as you can even injure yourself.
  5. Do not utilize the ladder in the case; there are cracks or sharp edges. These may be avoided suppose you employ the equipment only as instructed.
  6. Wash your ladder once heavy-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does height of ladder vary from altitudes of reach?

Height of ladder means the reach of your ladder. The height of reach represents your height while on the last rung.

2. Can I employ telescoping type ladders without opting for the max height?

Of course, you can. However, it works uniquely between telescoping models.

3. How can I store these ladders?

Fold the ladder till the edges come together. After they are locked, keep in a dry, cool place.

4. How can I wash my telescoping multi-ladder?

Soak a clean part of cloth within the water and wash the rungs of the ladder. You can combine rubbing alcohol and water to remove unwanted dust. Do not use mineral based commercial cleaners or oil.

5. Will my ladder leave markings on the room wall in which I kept it?

No, the majority of them will not. These kinds of ladders are designed from top-quality materials which will not damage paint or walls.

6. The reason why it is beneficial to utilize a telescopic type ladder than most ladder kinds?

Telescoping ones take up small room due to their capability to be folded and retracted. They are designed with strength and durability under consideration. The dimensions of telescoping models can vary from 8.5-15.5 feet. Also, these are proven to support as much as 300 pounds of weight based on the model you purchase. Flexibility is unquestionable since these ladders could be collapsed to your preferred height. Therefore, the ladder’s flexibility is not jeopardized. Lastly, some have a carry bag and lots of them weigh up extremely light.

Final Thoughts

There is no demand to get into an explanation on the importance of ladders. We want one in the home for repair and inspecting. However, they are only as great as the style; that is the reason telescopic type ladder systems have become popular since they offer the flexibility you are looking.

With these best telescopic ladder reviews, you will no more have problems determining what to purchase. We cannot point out enough how important it is to buy the best ladder. It is not just about flexibility. However, safety too. It is the reason why we recommend telescoping ladders or collapsible ladders because they are the greatest.

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