7 Best Little Giant Ladder Accessories Reviews

Little Giant Ladders are among the best-selling and highest-rated multi-purpose ladders on the market. It is available as a standard ladder, step ladder, extension ladder, scaffolding, ladder cages, and so on.

Little Giant Ladder Accessories

However, at times finding the right accessories for Little Giant ladders may cause confusion due to the lack of reviews online for the accessories. We have a solution. Our experts have picked the 7 best Little Giant Ladder accessories and discussed those individually for you.

It can help you to get the most essential piece of add-ons before climbing up on one of these ladders from Little Giant company. Without further ado, let us immediately start with the top 7 countdowns.

Note: This list is sorted by the most useful ones first, but you may consider all these for 100% guaranteed safe climbing.

Little Giant Accessories Demonstration

Top 7 Best Little Giant Ladder Accessories

Ladder Rack

little giant ladder rackThe Ladder Rack is ideal for having your Ladder Little Giant up and running when not being used. Created specifically for any Giant Little Ladder, every ladder rack can hold as much as 75 pounds. It has a heavy-duty mount plate along with metal hanging brackets.


  • Heavy-duty mount plate together with metal hanging brackets.
  • Sturdy powder coat touch.
  • Supports around 75 pounds.
  • Specially made for any Little Giant ladder systems.
  • Adds an elegant impression to any shed.

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Project Tray

little giant project trayNo matter the task, the project tray is the ideal bit of support. It attaches immediately and keeps all of your hardware and tools within quick access. A recessed core part accommodates almost any size bucket or paint can, while a significant magnetic tray holds bolts, screws, and small parts right where it is left.

The tray features built-in slots for organizing power cables and holding tools. Also, with the provided tool bungees, one can hang big items such as saws and drills, so they are off the focus, yet near to you when you want them.


  • Recessed core area to facilitate buckets as well as paint cans.
  • Magnetic tray add-on for holding nuts, screws, small tools, and bolts.
  • Built-in slots for arranging tools and power cords.
  • Twin tool bungees for hanging big items for example saws and drills.

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Wing Span

aluminum wing spanWhile working close to rain gutters, windows, overhangs, bushes, and other things, the wing span Little Giant accessories extra width includes even more flexibility to any of your Little Giant ladders.


  • Ideal for working near obstacles.
  • Four-foot fixed span.
  • Set up quickly.
  • One-Year warranty.

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Cargo Hold

little giant cargo holdNow it is simple than ever before to organize your supplies and tools at your disposal when working with your ladder Little Giant. Cargo holds accessory attaches easily and quickly to any type ladder rung as well as holds almost anything you want for your upcoming project.

This accessory features twin easy-access large pouches to keep materials and tools, a built-in hammer sling as well as many elastic tool holders to facilitate many different hand tools.


  • Multiple quick access pouches to store materials and tools.
  • Built-in hammer sling for comfort.
  • Elastic tool holders for storing various hand power tools.
  • Attaches quickly to any type ladder rung.

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Work Platform

little giant work platformThe movable Little Giant Work Platform will fit on whatever Little Giant rung as well as is graded to support as much as 375 lbs of whatever from people to paint. Its unique style enables it to fold apart when not necessary yet quickly moves into position with your bare foot when needed.


  • 375 pounds weight capacity.
  • Fits well on whatever Little Giant rung.
  • Attach quickly.
  • Folds apart effortlessly when not required.

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Work Plank

little giant plankThe Little Giant work plank changes any of the multi-purpose ladder systems into a central scaffolding base.

This ultra-powerful Plank graded to hold nearly 250 lbs, allows a user to stand steady and use either hand while up on the ladder as well as could be kept in almost 50% of its opened length.

It is lightweight for easy handling and setup and includes a slip-proof surface for protection. It is for sale in 16.5, 10, 13, 8, and six to nine inches sizes.


  • Telescopic models store virtually 50 percentage of their suspended length.
  • Simple handling and configuration.
  • Slip-proof surface.
  • Suggested max plank height is three inches.

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Wheel Kit

tip and glide wheel kitNow Little Giant’s most flexible ladder unit is also its Extremely mobile. Along with tip and glide wheel kit, one can shift ladder from location to location effortless than ever before.

The tip and glide wheel kit works together with all of the units of the classic multi-purpose ladder as well as includes all the required drill bits and connectors to make setup easy and safe.

Just set your equipment into the storing location, tip it as well as walk. It rolls behind that quickly. And since Little Giant brand produces it, you realize it is designed to withstand.


  • Twin wheels
  • All required hardware attachment
  • Wrench
  • Drill bit
  • Labels
  • Comprehensive instructions

(Please be aware that you only want one wheel set per Little Giant ladder).

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Overall, finding the right accessories are just as important as having the best Little Giant Ladder. However, you may have to consider only the accessories you need or use. It can save you money.

Having said that, these accessories mentioned above are not only the available ones, but there are even more on the market. We selected only the best and most useful ones for your convenience. Therefore, you are not limited to this list itself.

Our top 3 recommended accessories for any individual is the ladder rack, project tray, and wing span. These are the basic things you ought to have to kick start your climbing adventure with one of the Little Giant Ladder.

We hope you find this reviews useful and feel free to post your views or doubts as a comment below. We will provide further help in selecting the best little giant ladder accessories for you.

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